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2023 WTO Essay Award (CHF 5,000 Prize & Funding to the European Trade Study Group’s Annual Meeting).


The World Trade Organization has invited young economists to submit articles for the 2023 WTO Essay Award. The award’s goal is to support high-quality research on trade policy and international trade cooperation, as well as to strengthen the link between the WTO and academia.

The WTO has several functions, including operating a global system of trade rules, serving as a venue for negotiating trade agreements, resolving trade disputes among its members, and assisting developing nations.

Criteria for WTO Essay Award Eligibility
The paper must address trade policy and international trade challenges.

  • The annual WTO Essay Award provides a prize of CHF 5,000 to the author(s) of the winning essay.
  • In the case of a co-authored paper, the prize will be equally divided among the authors.
  • The winning paper will be officially announced at the annual meeting of the European Trade Study Group (ETSG), the largest conference specializing in international trade.
  • The award ceremony will take place on 14-16 September 2023 at the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom. The winning author will receive funding to attend the meeting.


An Academic Selection Panel is responsible for the selection of the winning paper. The panel comprises:

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Application Deadline: 2 June 2023.