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Activist praises LP for seeking redress for election misconduct


Israel Joe, a human rights activist, has praised the Labor Party, LP and its presidential candidate Peter Obi for appealing the allegedly fraudulent presidential election held recently.

Warning that the court should walk side by side with evidence and facts, Joe said: “What was seen and experienced during the election was not enough to nullify the election until it was converted into raw and substantial facts and demonstrable evidence”.

In a press statement, the activist called on Nigerian political parties to create websites with large databases where Nigerians upload verified and accredited original copies of results and evidence from electoral units at district and county levels. local government and then hard copies available to them. to which parties can send.

According to Joe, “images and videos of violence across Nigeria, especially those where security forces, INEC Nigeria, politicians and other anti-democratic actors have been seen in action, should also be uploaded. on the site with the place, time and date. . ”

He said, “This will allow Nigerians to test the transparent powers of the judiciary and return the power of the presidency to the Nigerian people in accordance with the final judgments of the Court.”