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Bishop Oyedepo Warns Nigerians Against Voting For A Particular Candidate Few Days To Election


Bishop David Oyedepo, General Overseer of Living Faith Church, has urged Nigerians against voting for a specific candidate because of tribal allegiance.
While speaking to his church members about the 2023 elections on Sunday, Oyedepo stated that the country has faced a wide range of security challenges in the last eight years, indicating that power must change hands in 2023.

According to the cleric, one of the candidates ignored the massacre of residents and continues to insist on changing the narratives.

Instead of making new promises, Oyedepo challenged the ‘unnamed’ candidate to inform Nigerians what his party has done.

Oyedepo went on to advise Nigerians against blind allegiance to political parties and tribes at the risk of the country’s future.

He said Nigerians should vote wisely, their conscience and the future of the coming generation, adding that the presidency is not a traditional stool.

He said:
“Nigeria has witnessed a wide range of security challenges. We have faced that gruesomely for the last eight years. People claim responsibility for killings and are walking on the streets. They take a sword in today’s world and cut off a man’s neck. Then somebody is coming again to say this is what they will do, let them tell us what they have done.

“Listen to me, there is no party without members of this church. There are founders of parties who are members of this church but we are talking about the nation, not a party. We are talking about the people, not a party, no tribe owns Nigeria, the presidency is not a traditional stool.”

“I am for the peace and stability of Nigeria, Nigeria is not for sale. We are not an entity or property, we’re a people and we are not for sale.

Addressing the things to look out for in a candidate, he said,

“You do not need to be a billionaire to be a president, you need capacity, you need character and we have them in every part of the country, everyone is free to join a party, but if you do not join the wellbeing of this nation, you are in problem. It will take an emergency intervention to revive this nation in gross distress. This week is decisive, so vote wisely. Vote for a leader with capacity and character.”