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Brad365.xyz review | Is brad365.xyz legit or scam?


Brad365.xyz review.

Hi there, today’s article is going to discuss brad365.xyz . It is a website where you can earn passive income online by performing tasks. To get started on brad365.xyz , you only need to register and complete a task to earn money.

In this review article, am going to be walking you through all that you may need to know about this platform, from how it works, how to make money, tasks available, investment plans and fmost importantly, to answer your question: is brad365.xyz legit or a scam.

Brad365.xyz review

Before I start with the review, a few words of warning. To be clear, I do not plan to promote brad365.xyz. I’m not a partner in the earning platform and I will not include affiliate links to make money from it. All of you should have the correct information about brad365.xyz.a

About brad365.xyz

Brad365.xyz is an online platform where internet users can register and make money online by performing simple social tasks like liking people’s photos, following people on social media, watching YouTube videos and so many other things apart from these ones mentioned here.

Available URL for brad365.xyz: This platform’s URL is available through Google and other search engines. It is also accessible online using any browser.

Security at brad365.xyz: This platform is secured by a SSL Certificate and is secure, so that hackers and scammers won’t be able to steal their users’ data.

Performance and design of brad365.xyz: The platform theme and design is extremely responsive and provides great performance.

Contacting brad365.xyz: this platform has no official form or means of contacting them.

brad365.xyz Social media: I am not aware of any official social accounts for this platform. However, I will be updating it here when they create one.

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CEO information

For reasons best known to the management of this website, they didn’t release want information about the CEO of this website or any of the staffs or management team.

This is surely a redflag against this website because this is an investment and earning platform where the funds of investors can be at risk if eventually anything happens.

How this platform works

If you to start making money online on brad365.xyz, first things first you have to register as a member on this platform before you can be granted access to make money on the platform, an of course registration is free and simple, I have written down a list of steps on how to register on this website below.

Brad365.xyz review

After registering on this platform, you can then visit to the tasks section of the website and perform all the available tasks given to you by the platform and then withdraw your earnings as soon as you earn up to the withdrawal threshold.

Once you become a registered member of this platform, you’ll automatically be fixed into the intern 1 free plan where you can perform upto 5 tasks per day, you can later chose to upgrade to any of the VIP plans to earn more task and enjoy more benefits.

Tasks available on this website.

The following tasks usually available on brad365.xyz are listed and explained below:

Brad365 review

  • Liking: in this task all you need to do in this task is to like people’s photos or videos on Facebook, youtube, Instagram and Twitter you will be given specific people and channels to like.
  • commenting: this task only involves dropping comments on a requested video on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. You will also be provided specific channels and people to comment on the post or videos.
  • Watching videos: this task only involves watching people’s videos, you watch several videos for a certain amount of time and then submit for audit after which you’ll be credited on the balance of your dashboard.

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 How to register on brad365.xyz

To register on this website, you need to follow the below steps:

1. Go to this website via their url above

2. Reach for the registration page

3. Input all your required personal details in the fields provided

4. Click on the register button and that’s all.

How to login

Follow the below steps for logging into this website

1. Go to this website via the url

2. Reach for the sign-up page and then go to the login page

3. Fill in your login credentials in the available fields

4. Hit the login button and that’s all

How to make money by referral

To make money by referral on this platform, you also need to be a registered member and to register I have already explained how to in this article, I have written the steps above.

After registering, you can then login to your dashboard and Click on the refer new member button where then copy your referral link and share to anyone who is interested in making money online also convince them to register on the platform like you did.

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How to withdraw

To withdraw your earnings from this brad365 is very easy, you just have to earn up to the minimum withdrawal threshold, if you have earned up to the withdrawal threshold, you can then click on the withdraw button which is available on your dashboard.

Fill in your fund password and then bind your bank card, you can then select the amount you’ll be like to withdraw and then hit the withdraw button.

Payment proofs

Brad365.xyz review

There are many payment proofs of this platform in the past but presently, they are no payment proofs because this platform has stopped paying for time now.

Although I think this website is upto something. Read more to know what they’re upto and know if they’re still legit or a scam.

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Is brad365.xyz legit

Brad365.xyz was once legit platform because they were paying their user’s or members but presently, they have stopped paying their user’s, an this has been going on for over for a period of 1 month. The company disclosed this some few days back.

Although you can just remain patient and endure as they may resume paying their members again but if not, then thus might be a good avenue to begin scamming people.

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I think you will be able to now decide whether you want to keep using this platform. After reading my honest review, I am confident that you will make an informed decision. Thanks for reading the article.

Drop a comment below if you have any questions or contribution about this brad365.xyz review.