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Bring Your Family Back to Nigeria from the United Kingdom – Uchenna Nnanna Blasts The Seyi Law


In a recent social media post, Nigerian comedian Seyi Law declared his full support for Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The comedian, who also doubles as an actor, announced this in a post on his verified Instagram page.

According to Seyi Law, he will vote for Tinubu over Atiku and Peter Obi of the PDP because Tinubu has brought a lot of development to Lagos State, which cannot be overlooked.

Seyi Law wrote the following:
“We can pretend, refuse to accept, and even deny it, but Tinubu’s contribution to rebuilding Lagos after the military era cannot be overstated.”
You can use different metrics. I’m not sure how to judge him, but to deny his work as governor of Lagos and the continuity is simply hatred.

Let God judge me if I was paid to campaign for ASIWAJU BOLA AHMED TINUBU. I have always maintained and kept my stance that I will never accept money to campaign for any politician. BAT is my candidate in the upcoming election.”

In response to Seyi Law’s post, an Instagram user known as comediandeeone wrote the following.

“When Naso talks about Jonathan in 2015, Nigerians don’t listen.”

In response to what Seyi Law said below,

“I did a tour in the UK in 2014, and I campaign vigorously for Jonathan and against Buhari, but people abused me then. I never cast a vote for Buhari.

People believe that your choice as an artist always comes at a cost. I beg you, o. I will unfollow you for everything. Oga, who counts the numbers for your eyes? Please unfollow and block me, and I will gladly reciprocate.”

In response, the fair-skinned actress urged Seyi Law to return to Nigeria with his family before telling Nigerians who to vote for as the next president.

“Seyi Law, please bring your family back to Nigeria before discussing who will be the next President of Nigeria,” she wrote below.