Home Review Crypto-funds.uk review -invest and gain 120% in 24hrs, legit or scam.

Crypto-funds.uk review -invest and gain 120% in 24hrs, legit or scam.

Crypto-funds.uk reviews

Crypto-funds.uk review -invest and gain 120% in 24hrs, legit or scam.

Hi there, as an investor we all know making investments online, or trading online is very risky this days, because you may lose all your investment or even get scammed.

So in this article, I will show you a full review of Crypto-funds.uk, how it works, if it is legit or scam, and everything you need to know about the platform, so stay tuned and read till the end of the article.

What is Crypto-funds.uk?

Crypto-funds.uk is an international online investment platform in the united kingdom (UK) that involves and deals with Investing & trading of cryptocurrencies. They currently offers services to invest in bitcoin and ethereum and other popular cryptocurrencies and payment platforms.

For the users comfort they allow Investment using the following, you can invest through PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Dogecoin, for now, but they may add other currencies and payment methods later.

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How it works/ How to make money on crypto-funds?

Crypto funds is an investment platform in which before you can earn money or profits, you need to invest money in others to earn money on this platform. If you don’t invest you can’t earn on this platform. Well, that’s just the thing in making money, in life to make money you need to invest money.

They also have a referral and affiliate program in Crypto-funds.uk. For direct normal referrals you get a reward or percentage for the referral you brought.

How to make money on crypto funds

The minimum amount that you need to create a deposit is 20$.

  these are the investment plans of Crypto-funds.


  • 12 HOURS
  • Minimum $20
  • Maximum $99


  • 24 HOURS
  • Minimum $100
  • Maximum $999


  • 48 HOURS
  • Minimum $300
  • Maximum $5000


  • 12 HOURS
  • Minimum $500
  • Maximum $50,000


  • 12 HOURS
  • Minimum $1000
  • Maximum $unlimited


  • 48 HOURS
  • Minimum $2000
  • Maximum $unlimited


  • 64 HOURS
  • Minimum 1BTC
  • Maximum $unlimited

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Is Crypto-funds.uk legit or a scam?

Crypto-funds.uk seems to be a legit platform because they are a registered company and have a physical address, but as far as we have not seen any scam alert or payments proof from the platform I can’t say it is legit or a scam, but as soon as we get any positive or negative information about them we’ll will update you.

But forbmy suggestion is invest only what you can afford and tolerate to lose because this platform is not confirmed and always remember invest what you can afford or tolerate to lose.

Who can join Crypto-funds.uk?

There are no regional or country restrictions on Crypto-funds.uk. although you have to be at least 18 years old to be able to access it.

How to withdraw on Crypto funds.

To withdraw on this platform is very simple All you need is just login to your account using your username and password and check the Withdraw section. You can request for the withdrawal at any moment, the service is available 24/7.


The minimum withdrawal for bitcoin and etherium is $24, for cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash) the minimum withdrawal is $24 too.

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How to sign up on Crypto-funds.uk.


To sign up on this platform is very easy, All you need is your full name, username, email address, account recovery question and answer, and password.

To register, Go to their registration page, then enter your all the details mentioned above and input the image code, then click on sign up, and boom you’re done.

Where can Crypto-funds.uk be found?

The physical address and branch office of crypto-funds.uk is 35 LUDGATE HILL, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, EC4M 7JN

Who is the founder/CEO of Crypto-funds.uk?

Crypto funds reviews

The CEO of Crypto-funds.uk is not known by the public because the company did not release any information regarding the founder or CEO of the platform. But according to the platforms company profile their director is

Mr. WELLS, Micah

His correspondence address

  • 141b, Downham Road, London, England, N1 3HQ

Role: Director

Prons and cons.


  • Nice daily earning percentage.
  • Nice Investment rates and bonuses.
  • Nice referral and affiliate program.
  • 24/7 withdrawals.


  • Platform do not accept lots of cryptocurrencies.

Thanks for reading if you have any questions or donations feel free to ask in the comments section.

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