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Customers who send bogus signals to petty traders cause them to refuse transfers


On Monday, there was still a scarcity of fresh notes in Kaduna, as food vendors refused to accept cash transfers.

Sellers of yams, onions, crabs, peppers, tomatoes, and Maggi refused to accept financial transfers, alleging that they would fall into the wrong hands.

Musa Banawa, a trader who sells pepper at the Monday market, said he accepted a N5,000 transfer last week but was never reimbursed for it.

“On Saturday, a young man stepped out of a gorgeous automobile, strolled into my shop, and said he wanted to buy pepper and make a transfer. He completed the transaction before me, but when I checked my account balance today, it still read zero,” Banawa explained.

At addition, a bean seller in Kaduna Central Market lamented,

Justina Dauda, a merchant in Kaduna Central Market, claimed she accepted a transfer since money is limited, expecting money to enter her account, but it turned out to be a bogus alert.

A roadside tomato seller on Kaduna’s Airforce Road cursed a woman who approached her on Sunday evening, demanding a bag of beans.

“The woman came begging that she wanted 10 mudus of beans and that owing to a lack of money, she would transfer to my account, which I obliged,” she said. However, no funds have been deposited into my account.

She vowed never to accept cash transfers for her minor transactions.

Despite enormous lines in banks and ATMs across the state, banks insisted on not paying until they received replacement notes from the Central Bank of Nigeria.