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“Don’t Mock Another Person’s Means of Survival” Actress Yetunde Bakare Slams Nkechi Blessing


“Do not make fun of another person’s means of survival.” Yetunde Bakare Defends Nkechi Blessing
Posted on February 19, 2023 by Kolade Stephen. in Entertainment
Yetunde Bakare, a Nollywood actress, has criticized her colleague, actress Nkechi Blessing, for undervaluing her profession.

Yetunde Bakare had previously praised Tonto Dikeh for her political development and commitment. She also encouraged her not to make her child’s birthday more dramatic by mentioning Churchill. This, she believes, will have an impact on the boy.

“I applaud Tonto’s progress and interest in politics, but as a single mother, there are certain things you shouldn’t put your child through,” Yetunde Bakare said. Every year birthday doesn’t have to be dramatic”.

Yetunde was tagged in a blog post that published the counsel she gave Tonto Dikeh.

In reaction to the post, Nkechi Blessing took to the comments and questioned Yetunde’s acting career compared Tonto’s acting career.

Nkechi wrote,
“Which colleague”.

In response to this Yetunde took to her insta story and cautioned Nkechi Blessing not to mock her because she struggled legitimately and doesn’t depend on anyone for survival.

Her words,
“If you’re fortunate don’t mock another person’s means of survival.Some of Us struggled and we’re still hustling to survive legit not by marrying a rich man or looking for someone to use for financial stability”.

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