Home News Elections: Atiku Has Required National Experience For Presidency – Saraki

Elections: Atiku Has Required National Experience For Presidency – Saraki


Former Senate President Bukola Saraki has stated that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, is the only candidate with the necessary national experience and capacity to lead the country out of all presidential contenders.
“Since the All Progressives Congress (APC) as a party and their leaders have failed to meet the yearnings and aspirations of Nigerians, former Vice President Abubakar and the PDP remain the only option to rescue the country,” Saraki said on Wednesday in Ilorin about the Saturday election and the need for the people of Kwara to vote PDP and Atiku.

“Since the ruling All Progressives Congress has failed and is unable to provide for the people of Nigeria, Nigerians should reject the party with their votes.”

“Out of all the presidential candidates vying for the number one seat of the country in this Saturday’s poll, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has required experience at the national level, with due respect to my friends, Peter Obi and Rabiu Kwankwaso.

“Nigerians have suffered a lot under the APC-led federal government in the past seven and a half years and even at the state level and we cannot wait again to allow this APC to clinch power.

“Talk of insecurity, unemployment, economic woes, naira swap policy, among others, the people of the country should come out come Saturday and use their PVCs to vote the APC out.”

Saraki stated,
“The situation now was not as bad during the PDP government and the APC has turned everything upside down and Nigerians cannot enjoy the democracy again. PDP remains the only option and Atiku Abubakar has all it takes to provide leadership zeal capable of moving the country forward.

“Don’t protest anymore, Saturday’s election is a day of rejecting the APC and the people should use their PVCs to vote out the APC and return PDP into power.”

On his absence from Kwara after the 2019 election, the two-term governor of the state, said, “I deliberately stayed away from Kwara to give the ruling APC in the state opportunity to have a peaceful day to day running of affairs of the state.

“If I continued to be moving around then, the government in power can be saying that I didn’t allow them to provide dividends of democracy to the people of the state and I don’t want that kind of insinuations.

“But I want to say that, despite the fact that I gave them a breathing space to perform, the APC-led administration has allegedly failed to provide dividends of democracy to the people of the state in the past three and a half years.”