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Essays about Canada – Discover More About Canada

Essays about Canada – Discover More About Canada
Essays about Canada – Discover More About Canada


The following are the eight essays on Canada that you should be aware of:

  • Why is Canada so proudly mentioned?
  • What does Canada stand for?
  • What makes Canada the finest location to live?
  • Why is Canada so well-liked and admired in other countries?
  • Is Canada the safest country in the world?
  • What do Canadians do for recreation?
  • What is the predominant culture of Canada?
  • What makes Canada unique?

Moving to Canada, whether on a tour or as an immigrant, is an exciting prospect for many people.

While some may refer to it as the “pleasure of a foreign place,” you should realize that most Canadians would not desire to leave Canada for another country. However, many individuals may not be aware of the reasons why Canada has grown in popularity around the world over time.

As a result, we’ve decided to divide the eight pieces about Canada listed above into sections to cover everything you need to know about Canada.

8 Canadian Essays

The eight essays on Canada listed above can be divided as follows:

1: Why is Canada so proudly mentioned?

This is more like to ask why you should be proud to be a Canadian, and the answer is straightforward.

Canadians are highly proud of their country and deserve the honor because of their excellent healthcare system, which has lowered the country’s yearly death rate to roughly 7.8 per 1,000 inhabitants.

Canada’s remarkable fauna, breathtaking natural vistas, and diverse culture make it a popular tourist destination.

Its rigorous educational standards make it the greatest alternative for students who do not want to be turned down by firms when they apply for jobs after graduation.

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Canada is also the birthplace of world-renowned celebrities such as Ryan Gosling, Michael Bublé, and Justin Bieber. Canada was recently named the third-best country in the world to raise children and the sixth happiest country in the world, owing to the country’s excellent government policies and good leadership.

2: What does Canada stand for?

Amazing Scenery: Canada is home to the thunderous waters of Niagara Falls, which is possibly the most talked-about cascade in the world, as well as the rocky peaks of the Canadian Rockies, which are both eye-catching demonstrations of God’s wonderful creativity.

Aside from having the most lakes in the world, Canada has a 125,566-mile coastline that cuts across beautiful sea views, and for sports fans, Canada has a piece for you, as major cities in Canada are home to some of the most famous Ice Hockey teams, including the Toronto Maple Leafs, Calgary Flames, Montreal Canadiens, and Vancouver Canucks.

A trip to any of these cities during the hockey season allows you to experience the game firsthand.

Extreme politeness: Among all the wonderful things to do in Canada, the politeness and good manners that Canadians will shower on you are second to none.

Throughout your time in Canada, you will be asked questions such as “How are you?” “Where are you from?” and “How is your day?” and many others.

This tremendous kindness and hospitality in Canada is claimed to have been in all Canadians’ veins from the beginning of time.

3: What makes Canada the best country to live in?

Here are some of the reasons why Canada might be the best location to live in the world today:

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Canada is home to 20% of the world’s freshwater, and as we all know, water is life.

Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world combined.
Forests cover over 30% of Canada’s entire acreage, making the country’s ecosystem more environmentally friendly.

Canada boasts a 99% literacy rate, with more than half of the population holding a college degree. As a result, you’ll rarely find young people loitering around the streets.

New mothers can take up to 17 to 52 weeks off from their careers to care for their newborn children while still being compensated.
The average life expectancy at birth in Canada is the sixth highest in the world, which should tell you how safe it is to live in Canada.

4: What makes other countries admire and admire Canada?
In 2015, the Reputation Institute rated Canada the world’s most admired country, based on a variety of factors including environmental, political, and economic factors. For the following reasons, Canada is one of the most admired and liked countries:

There are several opportunities and prospects in Canada’s industrialized economy, which has been gradually growing since 1976 with an unemployment rate as low as 6.8%.

Canada has one of the best healthcare systems in the world and offers free healthcare to its inhabitants.

Canada has not only established a reputation for high-quality education throughout the years, but it has also generated extraordinarily bright children that stand out in today’s society.

Canada has a multicultural system as well.

5: Is Canada the safest country in the world?

Canada ranks third on a list of the world’s five safest countries to live in today, owing to its ability to almost completely eliminate crime throughout the years.