Home News Fire Destroys Goods Worth N7.3M In Ilorin

Fire Destroys Goods Worth N7.3M In Ilorin


On Wednesday, the Kwara State Fire Service spared a 15-storey structure in Ilorin, the state capital, from destruction.
The event happened around 10:49 p.m. at the Former NYSC Secretariat on Tanke Road in Ilorin.

According to Hassan Adekunle, spokesman for the state fire service, one

“Mr Muhammad Abdullahi promptly summoned the Brigade to the scene of the incident at approximately 22:49hrs (10:49pm) last night.”

He claimed that firefighters were able to put out the raging fire in time.

According to Hassan, only two of the 15 shops in the building were harmed by the fire, which was sparked by a power surge.

Prince Falade John Olumuyiwa, Director of Kwara State Fire Service, advised the general public not to be afraid to call the fire department.

time whenever there is any fire emergency in their areas, as this would save lives and the properties of people in the state.