Is affiliate marketing hard?- yes or no.

Is affiliate marketing hard?- yes or no.

Hi there, are you looking for a way to make money online and your heard of affiliate marketing, And you thought is affiliate marketing hard.

The simple truth is that affiliate marketing is not hard if you know what you are doing. With the right product s right technique or method, you can earn massively on affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing

So in this article, I will explain simple ways you can start affiliate marketing, how affiliate marketing works, how to make money with affiliate marketing as a beginner, and a lot more, so stay tuned and read on.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a process in which an online retailer pays a commission to individuals, companies, or websites that refer buyers and customers to buy products or visit their website.

It is another form of performance marketing by which the company offers its products and services through affiliate websites, the affiliate websites source out individuals who promote and sell the products then earn a commission or percentage for each product successfully sold.

Affiliate marketing

Each individual is given a unique affiliate link and if someone buys a product through an individual’s affiliate link that individual earns a commission or percentage.

Does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing is becoming a top-rated method of generating traffic and sales for small, or medium business online retailers and a lot more. It’s growing fast every year due to the rise of social media sites like Pinterest, Quora, LinkedIn, etc.

And yes, affiliate marketing works and it is one of the best ways to make money online. However, the internet has made it easy for anyone, anywhere in the world to become an affiliate marketer with little or no knowledge of SEO or technical skills.

And affiliate marketing works because many people normally search for information about products on YouTube or Google before buying. So they can make a more informed buying decision. And many people looking for tools or services or products which can make their life and work easier and faster.

How to get started and make money with affiliate marketing.

So you now know affiliate marketing works, So the next step is is how you can make money with affiliate marketing.

How to do affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can be done in so many ways, what you need as a beginner or newbie is to first decide on what niche you would want to walk with. this will help you decide on services to promote.

Choose a niche.

Why choosing it could be an area you are passionate about, have knowledge or want to learn more about.

Choose a platform to promote your affiliate links or products.

Once you have chosen a niche then products and services, it is time to decide how to reach out audience that will purchase your products.

Promoting your affiliate links you can use a blog/website you created or you can promote your product on social media site Instagram, Pinterest, etc., and also on YouTube, large social forums such as Quora, Reddit, naira land, etc.

You can also do paid advertising, but before doing paid advertising make sure you set your budget and also reach the affiliate terms and conditions before proceeding.

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Also paid advertising is a quick way to earn a lot of cash an affiliate marketing as paid advertising tends to reach out to more audiences. But as a beginner, you may not have the funds or cash for paid advertising so I suggest a blog/website or a YouTube channel.

Choose a product under your niche.

You have a niche and a promoting platform now, the next step is to find the products and services to promote. Now find and create content that you can link to the products/services in a way that makes sense to your readers or viewers.

Earning from affiliate marketing

For example, if you own a blog/website or YouTube channel that is based on a photography niche you can promote products like cameras, lenses, tripods, etc., and also services like rental services, photography courses, camera insurance, etc.

Drive traffic and sales.

It depends on the methods of promoting your affiliate products, there are many ways to get traffic, if you are using a website/blog one of the best ways to drive traffic is through (SEO) search engine optimization.

If you are just starting it might take a while but it has the most long-lasting effect and it’s is free off-charge You don’t have to pay a dime.

If you are using YouTube, you can optimize your channel by creating interesting and informative content for your viewers. Also, create interesting contests suggested by their algorithms and policy.

And other ways of driving traffic and sales to your affiliate products are through social promotions, linking in large forums and groups, paid advertisements, and creating a guest posting on high traffic sites linking to your Affiliate products.

Pros of affiliate marketing.Affiliate marketing

Just like every other way of making money online, affiliate marketing has its pros and cons. So let’s look at the pros of affiliate marketing.

No technical skills or knowledge is required.

To get started with affiliate marketing All you need is a smart mobile phone or desktop device like PC or Mac with an internet connection and also where to add and promote your affiliate links.

You don’t need any special marketing or technical complex business models to start making money with affiliate marketing, You just need a platform where people can see your affiliate links, and whenever someone clicks and purchases a product through your affiliate link you earn a commission or percentage.

Affiliate marketing is 100% free.

Affiliate marketing is completely and 100% free to get started. You don’t need any investment, no need of investing any money to start making money on marketing. You’re nothing like upfront payment which you have to pay for product tools or any services.

The only money you might need to start affiliate marketing is based on your referral or way of driving traffic and sales to your affiliate links.

Creating a product is not required.

Affiliate marketing does not require the creation of any products or services. You can only promote affiliate products and services that are already available in the Affiliate program.

You can easily change your product if you find a better one.

If you find a product better than the previous one you have been promoting, you can easily change the affiliate links to the new product you found. For example, if you start with an affiliate A product and later on you found a more profitable and higher commissioned product all you need is just to swap your links.

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Affiliate marketing is available worldwide.

Affiliate marketing is available worldwide, that is you can start affiliate marketing anywhere in the world, your location and region don’t matter.

In as much as you have a good internet connection and access, you can create content and promote your affiliate products online.

Cons of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing make money online

Now you understand the pros of affiliate marketing so let’s look into the cons of affiliate marketing.

It takes time to grow a website and its traffic.

For those promoting their affiliate’s links with a website or blog it takes time to grow your website and its traffic, it is a gradual process.

Well if you are using a website/blog as your promoting platform most affiliate companies will allow you to promote their product immediately after you create the website, while others require you to build up your audience before they can accept you into their affiliate program.

You need traffic to make money on affiliate marketing.

If you don’t have an audience, you won’t make any money in affiliate marketing. Just like other online businesses’ business models, there is no other way you need traffic and audience before you can earn money, because without no audience then nobody will buy your affiliate products, and if nobody buys your products you have no earnings.

It can be very competitive.

Affiliate marketing may have a lot of competition depending on your niche.

There are thousands of affiliates marketers starting newly, and there are also tons of experienced affiliate marketers who have been doing affiliate marketing for a long time, using the same marketing method and affiliate products as you, which can make it hard to compete as a beginner with little knowledge and experience of affiliate marketing techniques.

Is affiliate marketing hard?

Affiliate marketing is not hard if you know what you are doing, that is with the right marketing and promoting methods and techniques, hard work, patience, and consistency, you can make a fortune.Is affiliate marketing hard.

Although it is not easy it is worth it, it takes time, hard work, effort, and consistency to be successful in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme, all online businesses, businesses, and investments take time, effort, and hard work to get returns.

Suggested topics

A reason why most beginners find affiliate marketing hard is that they approach affiliate marketing as a quick way of making money online, and most of them don’t put enough effort and hard work and also lack patience.


Starting affiliate marketing can be hard as a beginner but it comes with great returns if you are willing to put in the effort and hard work.

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There are tons of affiliate marketers out there but only a few of them make a good amount of money.

you may be seeing other people saying they made thousands of dollars from affiliate marketing it’s taken the time to get to where they are now, so just work hard. And good luck with your affiliate marketing efforts.

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Affiliate marketing FAQ?

Is affiliate marketing still profitable?

Yes, affiliate marketing is very profitable. there are tons of affiliate marketers out there making huge profits with affiliate marketing. To make a profitable affiliate marketing business you have to offer valuable products.

Why do affiliate marketers fail?

The reason most affiliate marketers fail to make money online is because of wrong marketing strategies, promoting wrong products that are not valuable.

Just stop trying to sell to people, try to solve their problems and needs. For example, you cannot meet a student to buy a camera instead look for a photographer who needs cameras.

Affiliate marketing

Is affiliate marketing worth it?

Yes, affiliate marketing is worth your efforts. Because affiliate marketing has been here for decades and it is here to stay as far as people and companies keep selling and buying products online. Because people are earning good profits from affiliate marketing.

Is affiliate marketing easy?

No, affiliate marketing is not easy and it’s not hard either. Although the process may seem easy because of the way most affiliate marketers say it is. All You need is to be hardworking, patient, and ready to learn to achieve success in affiliate marketing.

Is affiliate marketing safe?

Yes, affiliate marketing is safe, but one thing is that not all affiliate programs are legit so as a beginner, make proper research and have enough knowledge and review about any affiliate program, before joining them.

Because if you join the wrong affiliate program you might just end up wasting your time and resources.

Can I do affiliate marketing without a website?

Yes, you can start affiliate marketing without a website. You can find a source where you can drive traffic and audiences, for example, forums like Quora, Reddit, etc.

You can also do everything with your YouTube channel, social media profiles, and also paid advertising (Facebook ads, Twitter ads).

Using a website is one of the best methods in making money with affiliate marketing, but it’s not a must or a requirement. Many affiliate marketers have made a lot of money without creating any website.

Is affiliate marketing dead?

As long as companies and affiliate marketing agency still do affiliate programs affiliate marketing will never die, affiliate marketing is here to stay and it is not going anytime soon so if you are planning on starting affiliate marketing go ahead, my advice for you is work hard, put in a lot of effort, time and invest your money and also be consistent that is one of the ways to become a successful affiliate marketer.


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