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Sharecash.co review – Is Sharecash.co legit? Find out now!



Welcome to inverse24.com. in this article, we’ll be discussing about the authenticity of a platform(sharecash.co). stay glued to your screen as this article is going to be educative.

About sharecash.co

Sharecash.co is a platform that rewards it’s members for doing simple tasks online.

These tasks are: referral, clicks, downloading apps, completing surveys and making short YouTube videos.

Once you sign-up on this platform, you’ll be given a whopping $25 bonus!

CEO information

As at the time we wrote this piece of article, we weren’t able to get any information about the CEO of this company; we’ll update this article once we get information about it.

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Main office of this platform

This platform is a ponzi scheme no knows about the platform location or whereabout because they did not release any information on that, this platform doesn’t have any head office or main office.

Branch offices of this platform

This website doesn’t have any branch office or any physical office the only place you can find this platform is online.

How to sign up on this website

Is sharecash.co legit

Almost similar to the sign in method, what you need to do is to click on the dropdown menu, click on “sign-up and get $25”. Fill in your full name, username and password after which u’ll then click on the sign up button.

How to sign in to your dashboard

Go to the platforms website @sharecash.co, click on the drop-down menu which is available on the right sidebar >> click on the sign in option >> input your login details and click on the sign in button.

Any registration fees?

Registration on this platform is free; you don’t need money for the registration.

How to make money on sharecash.co

The first step to take if you want to make money on this platform is to register which is free; head on to the offer wall, do as much tasks as you can and then place withdrawal when you get to the payment threshold.

Who can make money on this platform

Anyone and everyone can make $$ on this platform; it’s just a matter of being consistent and hardworking.

Earning prospects

The tasks available on this platform are limited but then you could still make something tangible; just be consistent and hardworking.

How to withdraw earnings from sharecash.co

Once you reach withdrawal threshold, go to your dashboard >> account settings then add payment method.

Still on your dashboard, click on your balance and then place your withdrawal.

Withdrawal methods available on the website.

1. Venmo
2. PayPal
3. Cashapp
4. Bitcoin
5. Mailed check

Tasks available on this platform

1. Referring friends : This is one of the most easy ways to make money on this platform; all you need to do in this earning method is to share your referral link to social media platforms, forums, your contact lists etc.

2. Getting clicks to your referral link: Once anyone clicks on your referral link, you instantly get $2 to your dashboard.
For each successfully referral, you make $10, and if in the case where the person fails to register, you’ll simply make $2; it’s a win win situation.

This means that, if you get 30 people to click on your link; wether they register or not, you’ll get your $2 x 30 which equals $60

3. Downloading apps: Another stress free way to make money on this platform is by downloading apps.

All you need to do in this earning method is to go to your dashboard and then >> task wall; click on any game you feel like downloading and make $30 instantly.

4. completing surveys: go to the offer wall>> click on any desired survey, answer your survey correctly with honesty and them make your cool bucks. They pay $20 per completed survey.

5. Creating YouTube videos: In this earning method, you first have to subscribe to their youTube channel and then make a short video testimonial about the platform: how the platform works, how much you have made so far and why you love the platform.

When you’re done, post on YouTube with their given video description and relevant tags. They offer $50 for this task.

Once your video gets more than 1,000 views, you’ll be added $200 to the $50.

Countries restriction

This earning website is open to anyone who wants to make money on it, all you need is a device that can connect to the internet and atleast 1 hour of your time daily.

It’s available in any part of the world you wish to access it from.

Is sharecash.co legit or a scam? (My opinion).

sharecash.co is one of those ponzi scheme online and it is likely and 90% risk of being a scam because no platform can pay you the amount they promise for this few tasks perform on the platform, so do it at your own risk for my own opinion avoid it, so not to waste your time.

Pro and cons.


  • High earning potential.
  • High referral and click bonus.
  • Multiple payment methods.
  • Nice responsive user interface and user experience.
  • Nice welcome bonus.


  • No email verification.
  • No contact us page or method of contacting platform.
  • No social media accounts.
  • Payments schedule could delay payments of users.

Is sharecash.co legit or a scam??

This website is at 95% risk of being a scam platform and will not be able to pay you  the amount they promise for activities done on it. One common thing about these kind of platforms is that, they would always ban your account on the basis of spam clicks or demand you refer a bunch of people before you’ll be able to withdraw your money.

My advise to you is to leave this platform alone!

Is share cash.co still paying??

This website has never paid anyone and would not pay you; these websites lure you into working as a click farm for them without pay.

One other common things about these platforms are; their payment proofs which are auto generated from plugins and scripts.

Reasons why this platform is a scam

1. Fake payment proofs: like I said earlier, all those payment proofs found on these websites are fake and auto generated by the use of softwares, scripts and plugins that displays those names and amounts periodically, using principles of permutation and combination.

If you’re a very careful person, you’ll find out that the names and amounts that display are the same and doesn’t stop displaying throughout the day.

2. No email confirmation: No legit pay per action platform/website would register a new member without email confirmation.


After reading this honest review, I believe that you’ll be able to decide wether to go on with this platform or not, please tell us what you think in the comments section, and if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading this article

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