reviews - legit or a scam, found out now!!!
Review reviews – legit or a scam, found out now!!! reviews – legit or a scam, found out now!!!

It has become a usual thing that online Investment and make money online platforms are launched on the internet everyday this platform makes all kinds of claims of payment and stuff while others lure inexperienced internet users to fall victims to scams and fraud, and this is a new Platform launched online that we are going to talk about today. reviews

So in this review article I will explain every details you need to know about, how it works, how to make money on this platform, and a lot more so stay tuned and read till the end.

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What is is an earning platform that pays users to do tasks on facebook, tiktok, YouTube, Whatsapp, and other social media platforms to earn a commission for performing the task well this platform also has some investment plans too.

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What is

Your earning relies upon on the membership plan you upgraded for. The higher your membership plans the better commission you may be rewarded.

Is legit or a scam?

Because we have not seen any scam alert or payments proof from will won’t say it is legit and we won’t say it a scam platform too, but my advice is this platform is another ponzi scheme so be careful to invest your time and money on it. Do not invest what you can not afford or tolerate to lose beware this platform is not trusted. is not a trustworthy platform beware!!

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Who is the CEO/founder of

Unfortunately the founder/CEO of is not known by the public because they platform did not release any information about the founder to the public.

Where can be found? (Location)

This platform does not have any physical branch address or office for now, the platform can only be found on the internet through their website.

How to sign on on

Visit their site, use this invitation code (753216849), Fill within the form along with your details like your Mobile number and password and click register and that’s all.

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How to withdraw on

First, click on withdraw and enter the amount you need to withdraw, and click withdraw, and click submits.

How to make money on

Before you begin earning with this platform you’re to signal-up for a loose account and if you want make good Income on this platform you need to invest and subscribe for a vip account.

How to make money on this platform

For each task you perform, you’ll be redirected to the order in which the task you you where given is still in process, All you are to do is to click at the video and like the web page and go back and wait for the countdown to publish. Your ranking depends at the membership plan you upgraded for.

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  • Usdt investment amount:0
  • Daily tasks: 3
  • Task unit: 1.0
  • Daily income: 3
  • Monthly income: 20


  • Usdt investment amount: 100
  • Daily tasks: 3
  • Task unit: 1.3
  • Daily income: 3.9
  • Monthly income: 117


  • Usdt investment amount:300
  • Daily tasks: 8
  • Task unit: 1.5
  • Daily income: 12
  • Monthly income: 360


  • Usdt investment amount: 600
  • Daily tasks: 14
  • Task unit: 1.8
  • Daily income: 25.2
  • Monthly income: 756


  • Usdt investment amount: 1000
  • Daily tasks: 22
  • Task unit: 2.0
  • Daily income: 44
  • Monthly income: 1320


  • Usdt investment amount: 3000
  • Daily tasks: 60
  • Task unit: 2.4
  • Daily income: 138
  • Monthly income: 4140

Diamond Vip

  • Usdt investment amount: 5000
  • Daily tasks: 96
  • Task unit: 2.5
  • Daily income: ?
  • Monthly income: ?

Grand master Vip

  • Usdt investment amount: 7000
  • Daily tasks: 136
  • Task unit: 2.7
  • Daily income: ?
  • Monthly income: ?

King Vip

  • Usdt investment amount: 12,,000
  • Daily tasks: 226
  • Task unit: 3
  • Daily income: ?
  • Monthly income: ?

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