Home News “Make Una Get Sense,” says comedian AY of smokers.

“Make Una Get Sense,” says comedian AY of smokers.


Ayo Makun, also known as AY comedian, is a stand-up comedian who has chastised people who use hard drugs and smoke cigarettes.
AY stated on his Instagram page that many people smoke as a result of peer pressure. Some of them, however, imitate their wealthy friends.

When their smoking buddies with rich parents have mental issues, he says, they take them overseas for treatment, while the ones with poor parents wander around the market.

As a result, he advises people, particularly those from low-income families, to quit smoking and live a healthy lifestyle.

“U dey follow rich kids smoke anything!” he says. If una craze is now, dem go carry dem overseas. U come dey bother us for market, follow who knows the road
Make una understand. We don dey find how to move Ochuko to Lagos from Pesu Market for Warri…”.

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