Home Review Million-pound.com reviews – legit or scam, find out now!!!

Million-pound.com reviews – legit or scam, find out now!!!


Million-pound.com reviews – legit or scam, find out now!!

A new online earning platform known as million-pound.com has been discovered recently by internet users, who intend to earn online, And this online platform is getting popular by the day.

Million-pound.com has a nice and attractive any potentials, bonus, and features that has caught a lot of attention online.Million-pound.com has it own wallet currency which is called gold, 1000 golds equals $1.

Million-pound.com reviews

New members on this platform, are giving a whooping sum of 10,000 gold coins which equals $10. That is the sign up bonus for million-pound.com is $10. But sign up of bonus is not withdrawable till you reach the minimum withdrawable limit.

So in this article I will explain all you need to know about million-pound.com, how it works, and if it is legit or scam. So stay tuned and read on. So let’s define what is million-pound.com.

What is million-pound.com?

Million-pound.com is an online quiz platform, which allows it’s users to answer questions in a quiz to earn money if they answer correctly.

A quiz contains 10 questions and all questions are expected to be answered within 60 seconds.

If you have encountered a similar site like million-pound.com, this just looks like another “ponzi scheme” i don’t want us to quickly judge though so let’s check out how it works, and how to make money on this platform.

How does million-pound works / how to make money on million-pound?

Apart from getting a quick 1000 golds ($10) sign up Bonus, this platform has other ways of earning too.

How to earn on million-pound.com?

1. Answering quiz questions.

Answering quiz questions is the most simplest and easiest means of earning on million-pound.com.

Quiz questions on million-pound.com

answering a particular quiz questions correctly you earn a 200 gold per question, that is a total of 10 questions which is 2,000 golds each quiz is expected to be answer within 60 seconds.

you can see in the image below each quiz reward is 2,000 golds. and also downloading and registering on their app you earn 20,000 gold ($20).

2. Referral and inviting others.

This is one of the best means of earning on million-pound. Sharing links is stress free and fast, because they have provided most popular social media sharing buttons on their user area.


The more people you can invite using your million-pound.com referral link the more money you are likely to make.

The platform claims that one successful million-pounds.com referral we earn you 4,000 golds ($4) as referral bonus and 40% of your referred person’s earnings.

How to refer or invite on million-pound.com?

This is very easy, simply login on the platform (if you are already a member.), If you are not yet a member then you will need to sign up first.

Referral link

Once you are logged in locate your dashboard, which is called user area on this platform. Then scroll down to the button you will find it your referral link.

Copy it, share it, and convince people your friends, family and love ones to register on the site.

When was million-pound.com launched?

Well million-pound.com did not disclose any information about when it was launched, I did my own results and discovered it was launched in the month of November 2021.

Although the particular date of when it was launched is not yet known, but according to the I research made I made their site is 25 days old less than a month.

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Who is the Ceo / founder of million-pound.com?

Well, most online earning platforms Like this one are always fond of hiding the owner or founder of the platform and this one is no exception.

As expected, no one knows who owner / founder of million-pound.com is but I will update you if I find out anything about it.

Where can you find million-pound.com?

The only place milllion-pound.com come to his on the internet. To find this platform visit your website, as they have no physical branch, physical address or office yet.

How to sign up/login on million-pound.com?

If you want to sign up on this platforms,  visit their registration page and begin the sign up process. The process is very easy and fast.

Sign up

You just need a valid email, username and unique password. Just enter their sign up page fill the registration form and submit, that should take you about 2 minutes.

How to login?

Visit their sign up then enter your username and password correctly then click on sign in.

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How to withdraw on million-pound.com?

There are many ways to enjoy your earnings on million-pound.com. but all methods may have some charges or conditions .

The minimum withdrawal for this platform is 200,000 golds ($200), that is before you can withdraw your earning you must have at least 200,000 golds which equals ($200).

Payment methods

You can withdraw your earning using PayPal, Bitcoin cash, bank cards, phone bill’s, bank transfers and western union.

Withdrawals are paid within 24 hours with no withdrawal fee, you can not use the same bank account or wallet address on different account!

Is million-pound.com legit or scam?

Million-pound.com is a scam, And have you ever wondered  how they make money from giving members quiz to solve?

Million pound is not a legit platform, it claims it has 20 million users is that possible for a platform that young.


.com is a scam  beware!!

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Pros and cons.


  • high earning potential.
  • Multiple payment methods.
  • Nice referral bonus.
  • Nice sign up bonus.


  • You have only 60 seconds to complete a quiz of 10 questions.
  • No privacy policy and terms and conditions.