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MyLoveForDollars.com review – legit or scam, find out now!!


MyLoveForDollars.com reviews

In today’s review, we’ll be discussing on the legitness of a platform called MyLoveForDollars.com read till the end of this article to get all the useful information about this platform.

About MyLoveForDollars.com

MyLoveForDollars.com is an earning platform that claims to have 1.4 million + website users, they also claim it is a platform where you earn money by doing simple task online, this tasks range from Facebook, google+ and twitter; you can also earn money by getting clicks to your referral link.

MyLoveForDollars.com reviews

  1. MyLoveForDollars.com url availability: this platform url is available on Google and other search engine and is accessible with any browser online, so it is easy to access the platform.
  2. MyLoveForDollars.com security: this platform is secured with a SSL certificate and is secured, so scammers and hackers can’t steal their users data.
  3. MyLoveForDollars.com performance and design: the platform design and theme is not responsive and the performance is not great.
  4. Contacting MyLoveForDollars.com: this platform has a contact page which you can contact them check up on the header of the site you will find the contact us page.

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Company information.

Office location: this website doesn’t have any offline local office, the only way to reach this platform is by contacting them through their website.

CEO information: this company didn’t reveal information about their CEO, this shouldn’t be our concern tho but it’s important because it increases the credibility of a platform.

Social media accounts of this platform
this platform doesn’t have any official social media accounts, this is anothet factor that affects the credibility of a platform.

Requirements for working with MyLoveForDollars.com.

There are no special requirements for working on this website, all you need to be able to work on this website is your smartphone, an internet connection and then some hours of your time daily to be able to maximize your earnings potential.
Procedures to follow for making money on this site.

MyLoveForDollars.com review

The following are the verified ways which you could follow to make money on this platform.

The first step to take if you want to earn money on this site is to register for a free account, to do this you’ll need to follow the steps I’ll be dropping below.

The second step is to login to your dashboard and perform tasks, on e you’re done and have reached the minimum withdrawal amount(300$), you then place withrawal so that your money would be transferred to your account.

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How to register for a free account.

The step below is the step for registering on this platform

  • Step 1: go to the URL (MyLoveForDollars.com).
  • Step 2: click on the Register button which is found on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Step 3: fill in your username, password, full name and email address in the spaces provided.
  • Step 4: click on the Register button.

How to login

To login to this platform, you have to follow these simple and easy steps

  • Step 1: fill in your username and password in the spaces provided.
  • Step 2: click on login button.

Tasks available on MyLoveForDollars.com

The only task available on this platform is the referral task, as all you have to be doing is to share your referral link, get clicks and registrations, make cash and then withdraw when you get upto 300$.

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How to make money on MyLoveForDollars.com.

MyLoveForDollars.com reviewIn order for you to make the best of this platform, you have to share your referral links to Social media platforms, forums, share to friends and then get clicks or views which increases your earnings.

How to withdraw your earnings on this platform.

The following steps below are what you need to do if you want to withdraw your earnings from this website. For you to be able to withdraw, you must have accumulated 300$.

I wasn’t able to reach the minimum threshold so was unable to see the withdrawal slip.

Pros of MyLoveForDollars.com.

  • This website gives 20 dollars welcome bonus


  • Too much sign-up bonus
  • Poor ui and ux
  • Security checks carried out (passed or failed)

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My web of trust lookup.

web of trust didn’t have any reviews on this platform.

Google’s transparency and safe browsing test:

MyLoveForDollars.com reviews

according to this test, this website was declared unsafe.

Who.is lookup:
According to who is, this website was created on the 28th of July 2022 and would expire same time next year.

Is MyLoveForDollars.com legit.

According to my analysis of this platform, this platform is not a legit platform and I’ll advise you to be careful while dealing with it the reasons are : Huge sign up bonus, paying you for doing nothing; just sharing links.

Is MyLoveForDollars.com a scam.

We would not totally condemn this platform on the basis that, no one has openly claimed to be swindled my this platform, we’ll carry out our research and come up with the outcome of he credibility of this platform soon meanwhile, of you have anything to say you could comment below.


I believe this Review has opened your eyes to this platform, you can now choose wether to continue or quit this platform, please if you have any questions or donations please tell us in the comments.


  1. Please I want to know how to withdraw because I reach upto $300 but asking me click to do survey and when I click all I see is about sports so I don’t really understand it makes me confuse the more. Please I need more enlightenment. Thanks

  2. I am very certaythat mylovefordollar is a scam and for those of you whom have engaged in it all I have to say to you guyz is sorry; these guzyz are not legit therefore stay clear there sight. Thanks

  3. Pls someone should help me out I have reach my payment limit of 300$ the tell me to click on the survey link to follow the page on how to withdraw, I have click on the page the now show me games and others things then I try it but I couldn’t succeed pls how can I withdraw the money