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Nigeria Will Do Well Under Tinubu – Katsina Governor, Masari


Aminu Bello Masari, Governor of Katsina State, has expressed confidence that Nigeria, under freshly elected President Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu, will grow beyond any reasonable concerns.

The Katsina Governor stated that Nigeria, under the former Lagos Governor, would experience the necessary socioeconomic progress.

“The man (Tinubu) has got the intelligence and the capacity. He is a skilled manager of both persons and resources.

“I have no doubt that he will galvanize the nation and carry it to greater heights, making it a source of pride not only for Black Africans but for all Blacks around the world.”

“He did it in Lagos and he will do it for Nigeria,”

Masari said.

Masari who recalled the horrible state of Lagos before Tinubu became its Governor said, “Lagos in 1999 was a city invaded by ‘Area Boys’ almost similar to bandits the bandits operating in the North.

“Before Asiwaju came on board, in Lagos, you find dead bodies on heaps of rubbish and roads being crushed by vehicles by daytime, like 3pm.

“Cars without air condition have to wind their glasses up because of ‘Area Boys’ but today Lagos is the safest city in Nigeria due to his efforts.

“And what was the economy of Lagos before he became Governor? The revenue generation was barely N600 million but before he left, it was N6 billion.”