Home News No sane Nigerian should vote APC – Akwa Ibom cleric cautions members

No sane Nigerian should vote APC – Akwa Ibom cleric cautions members


Frustrated by the current fuel crisis and scarcity of the new Naira banknotes, a senior priest of the African Church, Rev Richard Peters has warned his members against voting for the All Progressives Congress, APC.


He claimed the party put the people into the present economic difficulties.

He stressed that anyone who votes APC in the forthcoming elections does not mean well for Nigeria.

The Cleric, who gave the directive at his church in Uyo during the Quinquagesima mass yesterday urged them to vote for every other party in the presidential and National Assembly elections but not APC.


He said the level of hardship people are facing due to fuel and Naira scarcity is unprecedented; therefore the electorates should use their PVCs to change the status quo.

According to him, “They promised us that they were going to change the situation but instead of changing, they are making the situation very difficult for the people.


“You have money in your account, you cannot access it; so many ATM points are not paying any money, even the POS centres you cannot withdraw despite the high charges. They are returning us to days of crime where people will go to people’s houses just to steal food.


“APC should just return the country to how it met it so that the new government will continue from there, they met the country when the price of fuel was N85 per litre, when a bag of rice was between seven to ten thousand naira and our Naira had value.


“Nigerians are looking for a way to come out of the quagmire and they are bringing another person who will worsen our situation, so you people should rise to the occasion.”