Home Review Ocxie.com reviews – legit or scam? Find out now!!!

Ocxie.com reviews – legit or scam? Find out now!!!


Ocxie.com reviews – legit or scam? Find out now!!!

How you been wondering what Ocxie.com is all about all or you have been thinking if it’s a scam or legit platform.

Well in this article I am going to explain everything you need to know about this platform tell you if it is legit or a scam, how it works, and a lot more so stay tuned and read on.

What is Ocxie.com?

Ocxie.com This platform is a digital currency platform, that is, it is a digital currency wallet that you can store personal digital currency which is called ocxie (OXC) $1=0.9433.

How to earn and how much can you make on oxcie.com?

Oxcie.com allows its users to earn through referrals.

Earning on ocxie.com

That is you earn a commission for every referral you bring, once you register and verify your email you get a referral link, and if anyone successfully signs up through your referral link you a commission of $2.

And also you earn $1 as a welcome bonus when signing up and verifying your email address successfully.

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How to sign up for Ocxie.com?

Sign up

Signing up on ocxie.com is very easy All you just need is a valid email address and the unique password you can remember with a 6 digit token (that is a six-digit number you can remember). These are steps you can use to sign up on ocxie.com.

First step.

Visit their sign-up page.

Second step.

Click on the big green button which says generate wallet ID, and fill in your unique valid password, click on the accept terms and conditions check box, and complete the ReCaptcha, then click continue.

Third step.

Remember the place I asked you to get a six-digit code, you need it for this next step. After doing the second step as I explained it will take you to a new page where you fill the six-digit code, click the check box and click to continue.

After that, it will show this page just read carefully, screenshot the page, then click on the check box and continue.

Note: why you should screenshot Is because those words (short phrase) you may need them later to sign but that is unless you activate it if not it is useless and I advise you not to.

Fourth step.

After submitting click on the blue tab on the top which says verify email and earn $1 worth of OXC. Then fill in your email address and click verify.

Fifth step.

Verify your email on ocxie.com

Check your email inbox for an email from ocxie.com, if you do not find it in the inbox check the spam folder and verify the email, to verify the email, enter the email sent to you by oxcie.com click on the blue box which verifies email is written on top.

Sixth step.

After clicking the link it will take you to your dashboard now you can see after successfully signing up you can see you have received a bonus of $1 worth of OXC. You can anymore by referring your friends.

How to withdraw OXC to real cash?

They are No withdrawals to cash, for now, you can only trade with it you can send or receive, it does not have any withdrawal cash method for now I will update you as soon as I have to cash method is credited.

When was the platform launched, and who is the founder of Oxcie.com?

Ocxie.com has Launched officially the internet about 4 months ago, as for the founder it is not yet known as they do not have any known founder.

Is Ocxie.com legit or a scam?


Ocxie.com is a new platform so we are yet to know if it is legit or a scam because it has no reviews or remarks.

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Pros and cons.


  • Nice sign-up bonus.
  • Nice referral bonus.


  • No support except for their telegraph channel.
  • No, contact us, about us, privacy policy, or terms and conditions on their website.
  • No earnings activities except referral.
  • Low earnings potentials if you are not good at referring people.