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Only Atiku Has Self Control, Political Maturity To Lead Nigeria – Reno Omokri


Reno Omokri, a former adviser to former President Goodluck Jonathan, has urged Nigerians to vote for the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) presidential nominee, Atiku Abubakar, in Saturday’s election.
Omokri claims that despite relentless insults from his opponents, Atiku has consistently displayed self-control and political maturity.

Omokri claimed this in his 135th series on why he believes Atiku is the best option for Nigerians to vote for on Saturday.

Nigeria, he claims, is in so much trouble because the country has been electing unprepared presidents for years.

He warned Nigerians not to repeat the same mistake by voting for anyone other than Atiku on Saturday. He stated that, of all the presidential aspirants, only Atiku is qualified.

Equally, in his 132nd series, O.okei said while other candidates have never and will not be able to restore the value of Naira against other foreign currencies, that Atiku can do it because he has done it before between 1999 to 2007 when he led the national economic team that oversaw Naira exchanging at less than N100 to one dollar.

His statements read,
“Day 135 of #WhyShouldIVoteAtiku: Have you noticed that no matter the negative things his political opponents say about him, Waziri Atiku Abubakar has never personally responded? That shows maturity. It is a display of self control, self discipline and self confidence.

48 hours to the most important election in our lifetimes, I urge you to ask yourself if Bola Tinubu, Peter Obi, or Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, have demonstrated this level of maturity.

Nigeria is at a crossroad. We are facing existential issues. The bulk of our revenue is going towards debt servicing. Insecurity has gone from one region to all regions. Our currency is the world’s fourth worst performing currency. And our population is growing faster than our economy.

Only a proactive leader can get us out of these woods. Reactive individuals, like Tinubu, or Obi, who stops to throw stones at every dog that barks at them, cannot have the singleminded focus required to navigate our nation away from failed state