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r4-earn.buzz review | is r4-earn.buzz legit or scam?

r4-earn.buzz review

r4-earn.buzz review.

In today’s Review of r4-earn.buzz, am going to be answering all your questions pertaining this website, I know you landed in this page while looking for answers to your doubts about this website but don’t worry you’re in the right place.

I’ll be answering the following questions in today’s Review: how this platform works, how to earn money on this website, who is the CEO of esrn-a4n6.beauty, is r4-earn.buzz legit or scam…. Etc let’s get down to business.

Before I start with the review, a few words of warning. To be clear, I do not plan to promote r4-earn.buzz. I’m not a partner in the earning platform and I will not include affiliate links to make money from it. All of you should have the correct information about r4-earn.buzz.

What is r4-earn.buzz

r4-earn.buzz is a website where you can earn money on by performing simple and straightforward tasks like watching YouTube videos, answering surveys, referring your friends and family members, performing social tasks, downloading apps and so on.

Once you register on this website, you are automatically gifted $25 instantly.

 r4-earn.buzz review

Available URL for r4-earn.buzz: This platform’s URL is available through Google and other search engines. It is also accessible online using any browser.

Security at r4-earn.buzz: This platform is secured by a SSL Certificate and is secure, so that hackers and scammers won’t be able to steal their users’ data.

Performance and design of r4-earn.buzz: The platform theme and design is extremely responsive and provides great performance.

Contacting r4-earn.buzz: this platform has no form or means of contacting them.

r4-earn.buzz Social media: I am not aware of any official social accounts for this platform. However, I will be updating it here when they create one.

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Who is the CEO of this website

 r4-earn.buzz review

As usual of these kinds of platforms, they didn’t reveal any information concerning their CEO, well try our best to get his/her information and then make an update to this post in due course.

Offline office location

This website doesn’t have any offline office, the only means of speaking with the management of this website is by visiting there contact/support page.

Any country restrictions

Anyone from any country in this world can work online and earn money with this website, you only need a dévice that can connect to the internet, data connection and then your time to make money on this website.

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How to earn money on this website through tasks

Follow the steps below if you want to earn money on this website.

 r4-earn.buzz review

To earn money on this website, you need to perform the following tasks

1. Watching videos: In this earning method, you need to go to the videos section and thrn watch as many videos as you wish to make as much money as you want

2. Completing surveys: This is another simple and means if earning, you just need to complete the surveys on thue website with genuine answers and then get cash off it.

3. Playing games: surprisingly, you can make money on this platform by playing games. Isn’t that sweet? All you need to do is play games online through this website ad then you get paid for it instantly.

4. Testing apps: this is another simple task, you need to go to the app testing section of this website and then begin testing any app you like according to the amount you want do this until you get as much money as you like and then you can leave.

5. Referring friends: to make money referring friends, you need a referral link and to get it, you can just navigate to your dashboard and then copy your referral link. Share it to places where people like you who wish to make money online are and then when they register, you make money.

How to create an account

To create an account on this web, you need to follow the steps below.

1. Visit this website

2. Hit the drop-down menu at the top of the screen

3. Go to the sign-up page

4. Fill in all your required details

5. Hit the sign-up button and that’s all

How to login

You can login to your dashboard on this website by performing 3 steps which are:

1. Go to this website

2. Hit the drop-down menu

3. Hit the sign-in button

4. Input all your required login credentials

5. Hit the sign-in button.

How to withdraw your earnings

Follow the steps below for withdrawing your earnings on this website

1. Go to this website

2. Login to your dashboard

3. Navigate to the withdrawal section

4. Fill in all the required details as well as the amount you wish to withraw

5. Hit the withdraw button and then wait for 24 hours for your withdrawal to be processed.

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Withdrawal methods available

1. PayPal

2. Bitcoin

3. Check

4. Bank transfer

r4-earn.buzz payment proof.

For now they is no genuine payment proof from any user of this platform, as of when this honest review article was written this platform does not have any payment proof for now, but stay turned because we will update if one comes up.

Is r4-earn.buzz legit

 r4-earn.buzz review

I don’t think this platform is legit, this is because it’s a very new platform and cannot afford to pay out such huge amount to it’s members, you’ll also notice that they have fake payment proofs, fake testimonial ls and everything about them is fake.

Is r4-earn.buzz Legit or Scam?

r4-earn.buzz may be one of the ponzi schemes online, it is a common online scam platform for my opinion no platform can ever pay you such huge amount for watching videos or doing such tasks. For my opinion this platform is a scam and will never pay you a dime.


I think you will be able to now decide whether you want to keep using this platform. After reading my honest review, I am confident that you will make an informed decision. Thanks for reading the article.