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Remitano review – legit or a scam, find out now!!! (Trade and exchange Bitcoin on P2P).

Remitano reviews

Remitano review – legit or a scam, find out now!!! (Trade and exchange Bitcoin on P2P).

Have you been looking for a safe place to trade you or have you been looking for a place to swap, sell, or exchange your crypto into real cash, well remitano is the best place for you?


So in this review article, I am going to walk you through everything you need to know about remitano.com and how it works, is it legit or a scam and a lot more so stay tuned and read till the end of the article.

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What is remitano?

Remitano is a crypto trading and p2p trading platform which trades, and invests with cryptocurrency and other broker’s currencies.

This platform is owned by Babylon Solutions Limited which was the founder in Seychelles. It was launched in April 2016 as a P2P Bitcoin exchange platform but they later expanded and included more currencies and cryptocurrencies and other services.

Homepage of remitano.com

Remitano categorizes their traders based on the bank and the country they are from. This is to ensure a safer and faster transaction between their traders. And they also have 24/7 customer support via live chat.

The most remitano’s biggest marketing country is Nigeria which trades about $600,000 daily.

Features of Remitano.

  • High Liquidity
  • Competitive Pricing
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Multiple currencies
  • Wallets for multiple cryptos
  • Instant Swapping of crypto
  • Peer to Peer (P2P)
  • Mobile app
  • High Security
  • Easier and faster

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Services remitano offers

Remitano.com offers the following services:

  1. P2P Exchange
  2. Remitano Invest
  3. Remitano Swap
  4. Wallets
  5. Affiliate program (referral).

P2P Exchange

This involves where buyers and sellers can buy and sell bitcoin and other supported currencies with their country currency through a given platform example (remitano.com). Some supported cryptocurrencies in the P2P marketplace include; Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP).

Remitano Invest

Remitano launched its Investment platform in 2019. On this platform, you can invest in a currency and get returns when they appreciate. Investments are made with USDT.

Remitano Swap:

this feature allows you to swap one cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency. E.g you can swap bitcoin for Tron, ethereum, usdt, etc. This feature is available in the wallet section.

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Remitano.com also offers a free crypto wallet in which you can store 6 cryptocurrencies, you can also receive, send, store and swap the 6 supported cryptocurrencies.

Affiliate Program (referral)

Remitano also has a referral program you can earn revenue from inviting friends to use the platform. You can invite a friend using a unique referral code.

There are two affiliate packages.

You earn a total of 0.01btc from a referral depending on how much they trade.

You earn 20% from Remitano’s 1% transaction fee from your referrals for a year.

Supported Currencies and Payment methods

Remitano review

Currencies supported on this platform can be grouped into 3 categories

Currencies supported in the P2P exchange and wallet include;

  • Bitcoin BTC
  • Ethereum ETH
  • Litecoin LTC
  • Bitcoin Cash BCH
  • Ripple XRP
  • Tether USDT

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Currencies supported for investment.

You cannot send, receive or store these currencies on Remitano but can invest in them.

  • EOS
  • Binance Coin
  • Cardano
  • Stellar
  • Tron
  • Tezos
  • ChainLink
  • Monero
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Neo

Payment Methods on remitano.com

The payment is made with the fiat currencies used to purchase the cryptocurrencies on the P2P exchange. The currency used for payment solely depends on your country, for example, Dollars, pounds, rupees, dinars, Cedis, European Euro, Naira, pesos, etc.

Remitano currently supports 58 countries.

Countries supported in remitano

Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Cambodia, Canada, Ivory Coast, China, Colombia, Denmark, DR Congo, European Union, Ghana, Indonesia, Israel, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Malaysia, Myanmar, Namibia, Nigeria, Netherlands, Nepal, Norway, New Zealand, Oman, Peru, Philippines, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Rwanda, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Uganda, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam, Venezuela, South Africa, South Korea, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

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Who is the CEO/founder of remitano.com?

The CEO of remitano is not known by the public but remitano, is a platform of Babylon Solutions Limited.

Where can remitano.com be found?

Remitano can be found in their office in Victoria, Beau Vallon, in the republic of Seychelles.

How to sign up for remitano.com.

Sign up

To sign up all you can use three methods which are your Gmail accounts, Apple ID, Facebook account, and email address.

To sign up just choose your preferred method, for example, I prefer to use a Gmail account all you do is just to log in your Gmail account, and boom you’re done ✅ and you don’t have to worry about your login details and Gmail or what ever method you use is safe from hackers and scammers.

Sign up mobile

If you are using an email address, you just have to choose with the email button and enter your email address and click sign up, we are sent a confirmation mail with a verification code just enter mail get the code, and verify that’s all.

Is remitano legit or a scam?

Remitano is a safe and 100% platform you can use as a marketplace for buying and selling crypto, you can buy and sell bitcoin and other supported currencies with your local currency instantly fast and reliable. With the best live support ever.

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Thanks for reading, so what do you think about this platform, please I will be glad if you can share your experience about this platform with us in the  comments section.