Home Review rewardia.com.nz reviews – legit or scam, find out now!!!

rewardia.com.nz reviews – legit or scam, find out now!!!


rewardia.com.nz reviews – legit or scam, find out now!!!

Hi there, do you live in new Zealand and you are looking for a way to earn extra cash in your free time, well I have got an idea for you ” rewardia.com.nz”.

rewardia.com.nz reviews

rewardia.com.nz is a website in which you can earn extra income every day by having fun and answering a few quizzes, surveys, and doing tasks.

So in this article, we’ll be discussing this Platform in detail make sure you read it till the end of this article so you won’t miss any of the valuable information I’ll be dropping.

What is rewardia.com.nz all about?

rewardia.com.nz Is an online money-making platform that helps individuals take advantage of the internet to make extra cash by performing some simple tasks, these tasks range from Solving puzzles, watching videos, playing games, voting on polls, answering trivia, and much more.

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How to earn money on rewardia.com.nz

To make money on rewardia you have to first sign up and perform some tasks to earn money and win gift cards.On this platform, you earn points 100 points equals $1 USD.


Here are the are 2 ways to make good commissions on rewarding:

  1. Firstly: participating in tasks that are provided by rewarding; these tasks range from Solving puzzles, watching videos, playing games, voting on polls, answering trivia, and much more.
  2. Secondly: referring friends and family members, For each person, you refer to rewardia successfully, You will earn 10% of your friend’s earnings on Surveys and Games for life.

That means if your friend earns 1000 points, you will get 100 points.

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How you get paid on rewardia

The harder you work on this platform, the more money you make and so it makes it easier for you to reach the minimum payout amount, the minimum payout amount for this website is 5 dollars.

If you are earn very well on this you get promoted into top status tiers as a beginner you begin with bronze🥉 status tiers and the more you earn the more you get promoted.

🥉bronze Status is the default membership status when members join Rewardia they begin to recalculate your membership status on 1st day of each month.

Membership status is based on your earnings (excluding bonuses) for the last 3 calendar months Bonus is based on Gift Card value.

For example, if you redeem 200,000 points for a $100 Gift Card and you are a Platinum member you will receive 5% bonus: 10,000 points

🥈 Silver Status

Earn at least 2,000 points each month for 2 consecutive months

🥇 Gold Status

Earn at least 20,000 points each month for 3 consecutive months.

🏆Platinum Status


Earn at least 60,000 points each month for 3 consecutive months

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How to withdraw on Rewardia

Withdrawal procedure For rewardia

Withdrawals methods

  • Step 1:You first have to sign in through your browser.
  • Step 2: go to the payment page
  • Step 3: Choose your most convenient payment method.

this platform has 2 payment methods to withdraw you will redeem your point cash directly to your bank account or gift cards.

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Redeem your points for cash


Get paid into your Bank Account 2000 points are equivalent to $1 the minimum transfer is $50.

Redeem your points for gift cards

Gift cards

Get Gift Cards from major retailers 2000 points are equivalent to $1 Choose Gift Cards from $50 to $200.

How much can users make on this platform?

There is no limit to how much money you can earn on the platform, It all depends on your determination, consistency, hard work, discipline, and commitment although the platform actually can’t make you rich though.

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Who can use the platform rewardia?

rewardia can only be used by people who reside in the US, New Zealand, and Australia these are the only people that can access their website and earn on the platform, although you have to at least be 18 to be able to use rewardia.

Is any membership fee required?

This platform does not collect any membership fees or plans rewardia.com.nz is completely free and 100% off charge.

How to sign up for rewardia?

The sign-up process is completely free of charge.

Sign up

Follow the instructions to successfully register for a free account

Go to rewardia’s sign up page, you’ll then have to fill in all your appropriate information; like your name email, password then the promo code session isn’t necessary but you can just use this promo code (“FP4E1C”) when you’re done then you click on sign up.

rewardia.com.nz would send you an email confirmation to verify your account enter your email click on the link sometimes you might not find the email in your inbox on the email so endeavor to check the spam folder.

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Where rewardia can be found?

rewardia can only be found on the internet through google browser or other micro search engines.

Like other online platforms of this nature, they have no physical address or office but I think they might have an office in the US or any of the three countries.

Who is the Founder of rewardia.com.nz?

For reasons best known to them, the identity of the founder of rewardia is yet to be reviewed but of course any information we get about that in the long run we’ll update u guys.

Is rewardia.com.nz legit or a scam?

rewardia.com.nz is a 100% legit surveys and games earning platform they pay their publishers as fast as possible through gift cards and bank deposits.

so what are you waiting for visit  rewardia.com.nz and sign up now if you live in the US, Australia and New zealand.

Suggested topics

Pros and cons of rewardia.

Let’s look at the good sides and the downsides of this platform.


  • Earning money on the platform is quite easy
  • Nice and attractive referral commission.
  • Quite easy offers.
  • Good sign-up bonus.


  • It takes 24-48 hours to receive ur payment, which is a whole lot of time.
  • Late replies from the support team.