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RUGER AND BNXN: Are They Married And Planning To Release A Song Together?


The Nigerian music industry has had its fair share of musician feuds, but it’s always heartening to see when these feuds are settled and collaborations emerge.
Recently, it appears that there is a ray of hope that the bad blood between BNXN and Ruger is over, and they are working on a new project together.

For those who are unfamiliar, BNXN and Ruger are both emerging sensations in the Nigerian music scene. Ruger is known for his trap-infused Afrobeat approach, while BNXN is noted for his unique sound and ability to merge numerous genres. They have had public spats. in the past over superiority, but it seems like they might have put that behind them.

In a recent Instagram post, BNXN shared a video of himself driving around in his Bentley while listening to Ruger’s hit single ‘Asiwaju.’ The post sent fans into a frenzy, with many speculating that the two artists might have buried the hatchet and are possibly working on a project together. This speculation is not unfounded, as Ruger had recently made a post on Twitter, where he promised to silence critics and naysayers with his upcoming project.

While he did not mention any names, many fans speculated that he might have been referring to BNXN. If these two artists are indeed working on a project together, it would be a significant moment in the Nigerian music industry. Both BNXN and Ruger have unique sounds, and a collaboration between them would undoubtedly produce something extraordinary.

It would also show that no matter how much artists might clash, good music always brings people together. It’s hard to say for sure whether BNXN and Ruger have settled their differences and are working on a project together. However, the signs point to a possible collaboration, and fans are eagerly waiting to see what these two artists have in store for them.

If they do end up releasing a song together, it would undoubtedly be a hit, and we can’t wait to hear it. Have They Settled & About To Release A Song Together?