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The Catholic Church denies the priest’s preaching against Soludo, candidates for the APGA Assembly


The Catholic diocese of Awka has appointed the Rev. Br. Cajethan Obiekezie, a priest of the diocese who last Sunday preached during the homily to the governor of the state of Anambra, prof. Chukwuma Soludo.

The priest had attacked the governor in his sermon for opposing the election of Labor Party presidential candidate Peter Obi.

The priest had also called on his parishioners to vote against all candidates of the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, where Soludo is the party’s national leader.

But the Catholic diocese of Awka, in a press release from the diocesan chancellor, mgr. Fri. Dr Charles Ndubuisi disavowed the priest, saying he did not have the diocese’s mandate to make such statements.

“He made some statements against the governor of the state, prof. Chukwuma Soludo and other politicians in and outside the state. The Catholic diocese of Awka wants to distance itself completely from those expressions. rev. Fri. Cajethan Obiekezie did not send for this from the diocese of Awka.

“The diocese will take the necessary steps to continue teaching its priests the sanctity of the pulpit and will not hesitate to impose sanctions where necessary.

“The Church has the intrinsic right, independent of any human authority, to proclaim the Gospel to all men, since it is the Church to which Christ the Lord has entrusted the treasure of faith (can. 747).

“However, this inherent right must be exercised within the established rules and regulations. In the context of the Mass, the rules of homiletics must necessarily apply (cann. 768&1,2, 769, 772&1). “Therefore, the platform provided by the pulpit cannot be used for personal feelings and verbal attacks that can destroy one’s good name,” the diocese said.