Home News Things are out of Buhari’s hands, according to Babachir Lawal.

Things are out of Buhari’s hands, according to Babachir Lawal.


Babachir Lawal, a former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, said on Friday that governance is out of President Muhammadu Buhari’s hands.
The ex-SGF stated that there is no government without an inner caucus during an interview on Channels Television’s special programme, The 2023 Verdict.

Those in the current administration who had the President’s ear, he claimed, refused to carry Buhari’s expectations.

“There’s no getting around the fact that things are out of his hands. “There are people who refuse to follow orders,” he stated.

“As soon as they leave the location where the order is given, they go and do different things. Nothing compares to cabal. There is no such thing as a government that does not have an inner caucus. There is no such thing as a government.

“There are people who have the President’s ears, to whom the President ought to do things by functionality, by their functions in government, but they are not doing what the President tells them to do, what the President expects them to do, or what society itself expects them to do.”

He also stated that he left the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) for the Labour Party, and that he joined the LP’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi, for the February 25 election after realizing that he is the ‘light’.

Lawal described the APC and the main opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as the “old system” that represents “darkness,” adding that he saw the light and left the darkness.

“I have seen the light, you can repent when you see the light, I saw the light and repented. The light is represented by Peter Obi, while the darkness is represented by both the PDP and the APC. Same people, same agbada, same red caps, so Nigerians, not just me, have seen the light.

“In the life of a people that are so oppressed living under indescribable insecurity, poverty, ignorance, hunger and diseases, a time comes when they get fed up and little thing will just ignite the flame and there is conflagration. “I can tell you that Peter Obi is that conflagration in Nigeria because every Nigerian has realized that the way we are going is not sustainable,” Lawal said.

On what went wrong with President Mohammadu  Buhari’s administration, of which he was a part, the former SGF stated that the government did not function well and did not live up to expectations.