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trx-future.com review – legit or a scam, find out now!!?



Hey dear, in today’s blog post, we’ll be discussing about an investment platform that I discovered recently. The name of this platform is trx-future.com and it is accessible from search engines @ www.trx-future.com .

We’ll be discussing every single thing you need to know about this platform, stay glued to your screen.

About the platform

trx-future.com is a cryptocurrency investment and mining website, where members mine and trade cryptocurrency (Tron), they have Investment plans that are meant to suit your pocket size, these plans range from 5 trx to 99999999999 trx Once you register on trx-future.com, you’ll be gifted a whopping 5,000 trons; that’s worth Huge amount of dollars.

This platform also claims to be partners of Some of the companies listed below wazirx, coindcx, genesis mining, coinmint, bitmain, xcoindx and binance.

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CEO of trx-future.com

For reasons unknown to us, this company didn’t disclose any information as regard to who their chief executive officer is, well, your sole aim for joining this platform is to make money and not knowing the CEO.


trx-future.com reviews

This is one red flag I always talk about whenever am discussing about any investment or earning platform; the risk is that, you could get scammed without having any means to trail who the owners of this platform are and loose your money.

Head office of this platform

This platform is a Ponzi scheme it didn’t disclose the location of their head office and as such makes it even more suspicious.
Platforms who do not have any hidden intentions do not hide information about their platform.

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How to make money on this platform

The first thing for you to do if you wish to make money on this platform is to open a free account after which you’ll choose a suitable investment plan and invest in, once your investment matures you cash out and be happy.
This platform gifts registered members a whopping 5,000 trons.

Investment plans available on this trx-future.com

Registration reward : 5,000 trx

There are two ways to profit on this website,the two ways are explained below:

As long as your deposit goes to the basic account, the cloud mining machine will automatically work for you, earning 15% every day.

Invite more people to join. Through your invitation, you will be rewarded after each successful invitation to register. When you invite the registrant to make a deposit, you will be rewarded again.

Basic account:

  • Cumulative recharge: 10 TRX to 1000TRX, withdraw 6% every day
  • Cumulative recharge: 1001 TRX to 3000 TRX, withdraw 8% every day
  • Cumulative recharge: 3001 TRX to 5000 TRX, withdraw 10% every day
  • Cumulative recharge: 5001 TRX to 10000 TRX, daily withdraw 12%
  • Cumulative recharge: 10001 TRX to 100000, daily withdrawal 15%

You can promote your invitation link in your WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Telegram groups. This will increase your income faster.
How to get income from promotional wallets?

If your friend A invests directly, you will get A10%, B 5%, and C 2%. These rewards will be integrated into your reward account. TRX’s bonus account can be withdrawn on the same day.

trx-future.com reviews

(The one you directly recommend is called A, the one recommended by A is called B, and the one recommended by B is called C) Invite more people to join. Through your invitation, you will be rewarded after each successful invitation to register. When you invite the registrant to make a deposit, you will be rewarded again.
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How to invest in this platform.

Go to your dashboard and click on the deposit button, copy the Tron address which is provided on the screen, send a minimum of 5 trons into the wallet address and then use it for your investment.

How to sign up on trx-future.com.

To sign up visit their website and enter the sign-up page.

Then fill the form with your mobile number (or email only if it is asked for), password, then you need an invite code you can use this trx-future.com (5vwD730), then do the ReCaptcha and click enter. boom you are done!!

How to withdraw from this platform

The following are the steps to follow if you wish to withdraw your matured investments from this platform.

  • Step 1. Login to your dashboard
  • Step 2. Click on the withdrawal button which is available on your dashboard
  • Step 3. Choose your account type (basic or promotional).
  • Step 4. Input the amount of trons you want to withdraw.
  • Step 5. Input your Tron wallet address in the box provided.
  • Step 6. Enter your security password and click on the confirm button.
  • Step 7. Wait for your withdrawal to be processed and deposit into your cryptocurrency wallet.

Withdrawal methods available

The only means of withdrawal on this platform is through your cryptocurrency wallet, you could withraw your earned money to your Tron wallet address of any chosen cryptocurrency wallet.

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Available bonuses on this platform

The only bonus available on this platform is the registration bonus which is 5,000 Tron.

Who can work on this platform


Referral on trx-future.com

This platform is open to anyone who can invest, knowing fully well the risk involved. This platform can be used by anyone from any part of the world.

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Countries restriction

This website is open to all who intend making money on this platform, all you need is your startup capital and a device that can connect to the internet .

Website’s security

This website is secured with an ssl certificate, this means that information that is being shared by users on this platform is encrypted and out of reach to third parties.

Who.is information of trx-future.com

According to the domain lookup of this website on who.is, the domain was registered on 18th of April 2022; this was the only information revealed, all other information about this website was masked.

Pros and cons of this platform


  • Nice UI
  • Mobile friendly website.
  • Nice sign up bonus
  • Nice daily earning.


  • No CEO identity
  • No head office
  • Not enough contact information.

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Is trx-future.com legit or scam?

This platform is appreciably new so I can’t just conclude on wether it is legit or scam, but for now they are paying their investors daily.

This website is a high yield investment platform which involves high amount of risks so you need to trade with caution.

Reasons why Il think trx-future.com is a scam.

Reason 1. No genuine company will offer you That huge amount of tron as registration bonus, they do this to attract greedy people into investing, after which their money get trapped.

Reason 2. This website/platform didn’t give out enough contact information about their platform; they even hid every of their contact information on who.is, this is a big red flag that anyone who is tech savvy would consider b4 investing in this kind of platform.


trx-future.com reviews

Reason 3. According to the information I got when I looked up for this domain on who.is, it was registered on 2022.

This shows that, this platform is a new platform, for some personal reasons I don’t encourage my audience to register on this kind of new platforms because they have high likelihood of being scam.

Reason 4. This  website is a high yield investment platform and carries a high amount of risk.

Is trx-future.com still paying?

Yes this platform is paying their investors but from what I understand about this platform they allow you invest and withdraw your profit for a short period of time then close your account, incase you have any useful information, contrary information or review about this platform you may contact us.

Final words

This platform is a high yield investment platform and involves high risk, I urge you to exercise caution when trading with this kind of shady platforms and also invest the amount of money you can afford to loose.


In this review article, we were able to disclose everything you need to know about this platform. Trade on this website with caution and carefulness so as to avoid stories that touch the heart.