Review reviews – legit or a scam, find out now!!! reviews – legit or a scam, find out now!!!

The internet today is filled with millions of make money online apps, websites, and different platforms, well sometime ago it was almost impossible to make money online, but today, making money online is very easy by performing simple tasks like downloading apps, taking surveys, inviting friends and watching videos you can make a passive income online, and is a platform that promises to make you good money by performing simple tasks with ease. reviews

So In this article, we’ll be discussing this Platform in detail make sure you read till the end of this article so you won’t miss any of the valuable information I’ll be dropping.

What is all about? is an online money making platform that helps individuals take advantage of the internet for making good money by performing some simple tasks, these tasks ranges from watching ads, downloading applications doing online surveys and playing simple games. You can use this platform from anywhere, anytime in the world.

How to earn real money on

To make money on Vindalemn you have to first sign up and claim their $25 welcome bonus and some other ways through which you can earn on Vindalemn is through downloading and testing applications and also watching rewarded videos. reviews

If you are lucky and work hard enough, you could also win amazing reward prizes like iphones, iPads etc

For you to earn commissions on paid offers and task’s u perform on Vindalemn, you have to obey all terms that come with the offer because if you don’t, you may not get any commission for performing the task’s.

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Here are the are 3 most assured ways to make good commission s from Vindalemn:

  1. Firstly: participating in offers and task’s that are provided by Vindalemn; these tasks ranges from downloading specific apps, testing apps, completing surveys, playing interesting games, typing etc.
  2. Secondly: referring friends and family members. For each person you refer to Vindalemn successfully, you get a whooping $10 bonus.
  3. Thirdly: through claiming rewards. Sociallea is a very generous platform, as it rewards it’s users for being loyal members.

For each 1 dollar you make on the platfor, you automatically get 5 points which can be used to participate in reward schemes.

How to claim rewards

You earn 5 points for every $1 you earn with and to win a reward you need a particular amount of points to unlock a particular reward example:


  • 500 points would 150 Doge coins
  • 1500 points unlocks a $50 visa gift card.
  • 2000 points can unlock a $200 visa gift card.
  • 2500 points could be used to unlock Apple Airpods.
  • 5000 points are used to get 2000 Doge coins.
  • 5000 points also used to unlock Apple watch series *6* New.
  • 7500 points unlock new iPhone XR
  • 10000 points unlocks an Apple iPad Pr.

How you get paid on Vindalemn

The harder you work on this platform, the more money you make and so it makes it easier for you to reach the minimum payout amount, the minimum payout amount for this website is $200.


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Withdrawal procedure For

  • Step 1: You first have to sign in through your browser.
  • Step 2: go to the payment page
  • Step 3: Choose ur most convenient payment method
  • Step 4: Enter required information in the spaces provided
  •  Step 5: Hit the Withdraw button.

An email would be sent to you asking you to confirm your withdrawal, after confirmation withdrawal would be processed and sent to your wallet after 24 hours.

How much can users make on this platform?

There is no limit to how much money you can earn on, it sorely depends on your determination, consistency, hard-work, discipline and commitment although the platform actually can’t make you rich though.

 Who can use the platform Vindalemn??

Vindalemn didn’t place any restrictions on who can access their website, although you have to at least be 18 to be able to use Vindalemn

How to sign up for Vindalemn?

The sign up process is completely free of charge.

Registration page

Go to Vindalemn’s sign up page, to Sign up you’ll have to fill in all your appropriate information; like your name, email, password etc when u’re done then you click on sign up. would send you an email confirmation to verify your account click on the link and you’re done.

Where can be found

Vindalemn can only be found on the internet through google browser or micro search engines. Like other online platforms of this nature, they have no physical address or office.

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Who is the Founder/CEO of

For reasons best known to them, the identity of the founder/CEO of Vindalemn is yet to be reviewed but of course any information we get about that in the long run we’ll update u guys

Is legit or a scam? is likely to be a scam because most offers and task’s earnings are too Good to be true and secondly most similar platforms which looks similar to Vindalemn are scam and I see no difference why this platform won’t be a scam, but as much as we want to prove the legitimacy of this platform we can’t say they are legit or a scam yet, not until we find proofs.

So what am saying is that this platform is not genuine and we can’t say it is legit because we have not seen any payment proof and we also can not say it is legit because we have not seen any scam alert too.

Pros and cons of Vindalemn

Let look at the good sides an the downsides of this platform.


  • Earning money on the platform is quite easy
  • Nice and attractive referral commission.
  • Quite easy offers.
  • Good sign up bonus.
  • Great rewards.


  • The users of this platform complained that the earning takes time before displaying on their dashboard.
  • It takes 24hours to receive ur payment, which is a whole lot of time.
  • Late replies from the support team.

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